Why you should be wary of dealership finance offer?

1. Higher drive-away price 

The reason dealers could offer such a low finance rate is because they have found other ways to make up for it. Such as increasing the vehicle drive-away price or reducing the trade in value for your old car.

News Corp Australia has found that a new Nissan Pulsar was selling for $24k drive-away price under a 0% finance deal. And the exact same vehicle was only selling for $19k drive-away without the 0% finance deal. [1]


2. May end up costing you more 

To qualify for the dealer’s low finance offer, you will have to accept their rigid terms such as: fixed drive-away price, 3 years term, high 50% balloon, must purchase new / demo vehicle, must settle within a short time frame. These terms are designed to secure the sale quicker without any regard to your interests.

A 50% balloon on a $30k car is $15k, which is a considerable amount to pay in one lump sum. The alternative is to refinance the balloon at a shorter loan term which will incur further unnecessary interests and end up costing you more!


Our recommendation: 

To ensure that you get the best deal for your finance and vehicle, we highly recommend contacting your Kaya Finance broker to arrange for a pre-approval before shopping at the dealership.

That way we can guarantee that you will get the best possible finance terms that meet your needs. And you will have stronger purchasing power to drive the price down at the dealership.





[1] Retrieved from https://www.carsguide.com.au/car-advice/top-tips-to-avoid-being-ripped-off-by-low-interest-car-finance-34476

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