Hospitality businesses are the heartbeat of our community and plays an important role in bringing people together. Hence it is frustrating whenever a favourite cafe goes under or getting ripped off by large leasing corporations.

Your Kaya Finance broker will:

  • Refinance your existing equipment leasing loans to save you money
  • Preserve your business cash flow
  • Provide efficient and professional service
  • Be your ‘go-to’ finance guy for all funding needs

At Kaya Finance, we have access to

  • Competitive rates for new hospitality equipment
  • Loan products where no upfront bond / deposit is required
  • Ownership rights from day 1 available
  • ‘No financials’ option available
  • Could cater for clients with defaults
  • Experience and knowledge to enhance your approval chances


Our client runs a hospitality business where 60% of the business gross profit goes towards fixed costs such as rent and wages. We found that a huge chunk of cash flow around $70k per year is spent on leasing his kitchen equipment. Managed to save our client around $40k per year by refinancing his equipment to a more competitive loan product. If you are ready to get started on refinancing your current loans, contact our principal broker- Allen at 0430 576 357