Vehicle / Plant Hire

Whether you are running a vehicle/plant hire business full time or doing it on the side, we can help you expand your fleet easily.

Your Kaya Finance broker will:

  • Reduce borrowing costs for new vehicle/ plant to increase your profit margin
  • Preserve your business cash flow
  • Provide efficient and professional service
  • Set up a pre-approved limit to cater for larger purchases
  • Refinance your existing loans to save you money
  • Raise capital against your unencumbered vehicles to boost your cash flow
  • Be your ‘go-to’ finance guy for all funding needs

At Kaya Finance, we have access to:

  • Competitive rates for vehicles / plant from the major banks
  • Exclusive broker only rates
  • ‘No Financials’ option available
  • Can cater for clients with defaults
  • Experience and knowledge to enhance your approval chances


Our client operates a vehicle hire business and usually gets his car loans from the dealership.

The dealership quoted him an interest rate of 6% for a $40k car loan. However when we calculated the figures, found that the rate is actually 15%! In the end, we settled a loan for him where our offer was $200 cheaper per month, saving him $12,000 over 5 years.

It is not uncommon for Australian dealerships to advertised misleadingly low rates to secure sales. In contrast, our goal is to do meaningful work and will only recommend a loan product that enhances your business and lifestyle. If you are ready to get started on expanding your fleet, contact our principal broker – Allen on 0430 576 357.