About Us

Kaya means ‘rich’ in Malaysia, where Allen is from. It’s pronunciation “Car-ya”, is an unintentional pun as car loan is our speciality. We seek to provide a richness in service and ultimately grow our clients’ businesses.

In 2010, Allen got his first taste of the finance broking world when he worked part time at a family-run firm while completing his finance degree at Monash University. Later he would go on to establish himself as the asset finance expert in a mid tier brokerage firm. In September 2016, he started Kaya Finance, a one man finance operation that aims to add value to your business.

You may be wondering “Why come to us for a loan and not apply directly with the banks?”

Your Kaya Finance broker will:

  • Source the best / cheapest loan product for you from the major banks
  • Efficient and professional service
  • One broker for all your funding needs
  • Increase your approval chances
  • Protect your credit score
  • Represent your interest when negotiating with lenders
  • An ASIC-certified broker you can trust

The main point is with us, you will get someone independent from the banks making sure that you are getting the best finance deal.